Murphy News (03/10/2019)


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2018 New Owners
Daryl Spitzer is the new owner of team 7
Michael Turner is the new owner of team 14
Chris Neuheuser is the new co-owner of team 4 (with Tom Cunningham).
Steve Paulo is the new owner of team 23
Dale Hogg is a new co-wner of team 2

Extra Players
The following players are on teams but not on the Scoresheet rosters:

Team 8 - Adley Rutchman C
Team 10 - Kameron Misner
Team 13 - Andrew Vaughn 1B

Stephen Shelby is commissioner.

2019 Protection Lists
Protection Lists Due: March 2nd, 2019 (one week before draft) to Brian/Stephen at 11 AM (Pacific)

2019 BL-DwMurphy Draft

When:  March 9th, 2019, TIME 10 AM.  30 minute lunch break after round ends at 12:30.  No round will start after 6 pm.
Cushman & Wakefield 
555 12th St, Suite 1400
Oakland, CA 94607

TIME: The draft commences at 10:00 AM sharp. PLEASE BE 30 MINUTES
EARLY! Sorting out tech/ projection, internet connectivity, etc. takes
time. I will be there at 9:00 AM.

NAMES: Prior to the draft, I will need a list of people who will be
attending so that I can it to Security.

PARKING: There is an open air lot on 11th Street at Jefferson, but
given building construction nearby, it may fill up before you arrive.
The building's parking is not open to guests (or to me for that
matter). There is some non-metered street parking a couple of blocks
from the building, but I don't know where exactly. There is an
underground lot next door at Oakland City Center. Best of all we are 3
blocks from BART.

FOOD: The office is proximate to multiple food venues, both fast and
slow. If you bring your own food and drink, the office has a small
kitchen with toaster, microwave, fridge. You may eat in the conference

POST-DRAFT DINNER: There are many excellent dinner and libation
options for after the draft when we can commiserate about how much we
hate our teams.

CLEANLINESS: This office is my place of work. I have permission to
host the draft here conditioned upon us leaving it clean.

Come to the draft PREPARED.  That means HAVING THE PLAYER NUMBERS
    RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU.  We've got nasty time constraints, and 
    when you draft, you'll need to provide the player numbers when
    you announce your pick.  Remember, we have 840 players on teams
    after the draft.  Make long lists.  Include crappy players.

If you are drafting remotely, have a backup plan in place.
    Internet connections fail.  At worst, send a note to Brian telling him
    what you want to focus on, in case worse comes to worse.

(4) Brian's cell phone is 1-415-385-5087
    Rob's cell phone is 1-510-421-2929

(5) IRC Instructions

Mark Jareb is our IRC guru.

The simplest way to connect to the server directly through a web browser is at Mibbit. Go to:
Then click on Server and Server Address box will open. Type in in that box.
Type in "TeamXX_Last" (eg "Team06_Jones") in the Nick box and then type in #murphy in the Channel box. Click on Connect and you should be connected.

Another way to connect to the IRC server, is to install the mIRC client on your computer and then set up these parameters for the server:
Description: Murphy chat server
IRC server:
Port: 6667
Everything else should be blank

You can definitely hook up to IRC with your iPhone -- I've run a draft for a different league in which someone was on their Android phone and that worked fine for them.  
When I looked it up, there appear to be a couple of good IRC client apps for the iPhone like Colloquy or Rooms.

Please try IRC a few days ahead of the draft.  We don't want to have technical problems on Saturday morning.

(6) Katie McHugh is the co-ordinator.  The charge for her services is $10 per team.


(A - Murphy Champ, B - Murphy runnerup, C - Made semi's, D-Made playoffs)
Tm Owner            2018   2017   2016   2015   2014   2013   2012   2011   2010   2009   2008   2007   2006   2005   2004   2003   2002   2001   2000   1999   1998   1997
 1 Peter Byrne     D93-69 D97-65 D99-63  84-78 D94-68 D93-69 D93-69  36-126 86-76  79-83 D88-74
 2 Gary Tater     B101-61 C95-67 B99-63  62-100C93-69  64-98 D91-71  79-83 D91-71
 3 Smith/Cohen      81-81
 4 Cunningham/
 5 Mark Jareb       68-94  83-79  75-87  77-85  74-88  60-102 81-81  81-81  71-91  72-90 D88-74  81-81  82-80 D88-74  94-88  83-79  82-80  82-80 C95-67 
 6 Brian Jones      71-91  90-72 C96-66  74-88  82-80A101-61 B102-60 77-85  31-131 90-72 B96-66 B92-70 B96-66  85-77D100-62 C91-71  77-85 A94-68  86-76 C96-66 B93-69  70-92 
   /Reede Stockton 
 7 Daryl Spitzer
 8 Murphy/Weiss     84-78 B104-58  56-106B103-59 70-92 B92-70 D90-72 C91-71  69-93  71-91
 9 Steve Saeger    D94-68   
10 Garth Hewitt     78-84  76-86 A102-60  76-86  87-75  34-128 75-87  83-79  84-78  73-89 A91-71
11 Tery Kazakoff   A97-65A102-60 D92-70  D82-80
12 Rob Miller       84-78  93-69  75-87   61-101 81-81  68-94  82-80  87-75  67-95  75-87 D86-76A101-61  81-81  80-82 D96-66         64-98  59-103 51-111 74-88        
13 Erickson        D92-70 D90-72  78-84  D95-67  61-101 82-80  68-94 C88-74 C91-71  78-84  67-95
14 Michael Turner
15 Larry Actkinson  81-81  71-91  81-81  D92-70
16 Dan Troy         91-71  48-114 45-117  87-75 A95-67  76-86C100-61 A106-56   
17 Chris Feld       69-93
18 David Regan      65-97  72-90 C98-64   72-90  82-80 D80-82   72-90   77-85  78-84 
19 Ryan Wilkins    C99-63  67-95  57-105  79-83 D93-69 C93-69   72-90  D89-73  89-73  80-82 D86-76  72-90  88-74  73-89  85-77  55-107
20 William Burke    66-96  66-96  58-104  67-95  57-105D88-74  C95-67  D94-68  78-84  50-112
21 Eric Moyer       69-93 C107-55 90-72   91-71 B97-65 D94-68
22 Manprin/Shelby  D93-69  75-87D101-61   64-98  89-73  89-73  A90-72   86-76 A93-69 D88-74 C98-64  73-89 D94-68 D90-72
23 Steve Paulo      
24 Todd Melander   C95-67 D91-71  86-76   72-90 D91-71  84-78   80-82   71-91 D95-67 B96-66  84-78 D82-80 A97-65  80-82  73-89  86-76              

2019 Divsions

9. Steve Saeger
18. David Regan
7. Daryl Spitzer
21. Eric Moyer

17. Feld/Rauscher
23. Steve Paulo
8. Murphy/Weiss/Lefkowicz
14. Michael Turner

5. Mark Jareb
10. Garth Hewitt
24. Todd Melander
12. Rob Miller

11. Tery Kazakoff
20. William Burke
1. Peter Byrne
6. Jones/Stockton

4. Cunningham/Neuheuser
22. Manprin/Shelby
3. Smith/Cohen
19. Ryan Wilkins

2. Hogg/Tater/Hunke
13. Erickson/Paley/Jones
16. Dan Troy
15. Larry Actkinson

2019 Draft Order

(Odd rounds)
1) 9. Steve Saeger 
2) 17. Feld/Rauscher
3) 5. Mark Jareb
4) 11. Tery Kazakoff
5) 4. Cunningham/Neuheuser
6) 2. Hogg/Tater/Hunke
7) 18. David Regan
8) 23. Steve Paulo
9) 10. Garth Hewitt
10) 20. William Burke
11) 22. Manprin/Shelby
12) 13. Erickson/Paley/Jones
13) 7. Daryl Spitzer
14) 8. Murphy/Weiss/Lefkowicz
15) 24. Todd Melander
16) 1. Peter Byrne
17) 3. Smith/Cohen
18) 16. Dan Troy
19) 21. Eric Moyer
20) 14. Michael Turner
21) 12. Rob Miller
22) 6. Jones/Stockton
23) 19. Ryan Wilkins
24) 15. Larry Actkinson

(Even Rounds)
1) 15. Larry Actkinson
2) 19. Ryan Wilkins
3) 6. Jones/Stockton
4) 12. Rob Miller
5) 14. Michael Turner
6) 21. Eric Moyer
7) 16. Dan Troy
8) 3. Smith/Cohen
9) 1. Peter Byrne
10) 24. Todd Melander
11) 8. Murphy/Weiss/Lefkowicz
12) 7. Daryl Spitzer
13) 13. Erickson/Paley/Jones
14) 22. Manprin/Shelby
15) 20. William Burke
16) 10. Garth Hewitt
17) 23. Steve Paulo
18) 18. David Regan
19) 2. Hogg/Tater/Hunke
20) 4. Cunningham/Neuheuser
21) 11. Tery Kazakoff
22) 5. Mark Jareb
23) 17. Chris Feld
24) 9. Steve Saeger 

Draft Rules (2/27/99)

[1] Don't worry about keeping track of every
pick yourself.  I emceed an auction last weekend
where a *bunch* of time was wasted because
everyone was recording every selection.  You're
not going to have time to do this, so please
don't slow things down by asking people to pause
while you write things down.  It's also a redundancy
of effort.

We have a facilitator at the draft, and she will
keep track of selections.  Keep track of your
own team, and spend time *GETTING READY FOR YOUR

[2] Time constraints.  You will have 30 seconds
to make each pick.  Don't count on the person before
you spending all their time.  Be ready.  If you do
not select a player in 30 seconds, you will be skipped
over for the next selector.  After they pick, you may
have another 30 seconds to make a pick.  If you cannot
make a selection in that time frame, you will be skipped
for that round.  Don't stall by asking if players have
been taken.  Not to be rude, but we just don't have time,
and everyone's going by the same rules.  If it turns out
that we have a bunch of time left over after 15-20 rounds,
we can all agree to extend that time in the later rounds,
when questions like "Is Bryn Smith taken?" tend to pop up.
(.5 minutes per pick x 700 picks = 350 minutes, or just
under 6 hours)

[3] Small conversations.  In every draft, as things get
towards the end, people tend to start talking with other
owners, and murmurs grow around the room.  This makes it
very difficult for people to concentrate on their picks,
and several people complained about this last year.  If
you want to talk to someone, take it out of the main room.

[4] Thick skin.  We're trying to get a lot done in a short
time, so please don't be offended if you think someone
is terse or curt with you.  Nothing personal.  Just trying
to get through.  If someone tells you (or me, or anyone else)
to shut up, then shut up.  And don't hesitate to tell others
to shut up.

Voting on issues announced 11/14/98
Conditional Trades:
Round 1 Proposal outlining the rules under which Supplemental trades will be allowed.  Required
2/3 vote approval.  Results: 11 YES, 9 NO, 1 Abstain, 3 no votes.  Proposal Failed.  Almost all
NO votes stated they wanted no conditional trades, hence Round 2.
Round 2 Proposal banning Conditional Trades.  Required 2/3 vote approval.  Results: 9 YES, 11
NO, 4 no votes.  Proposal Failed.
Impact: Approval or Rejection of conditional trades is at the discretion of the Commissioner.
Some Commissioners may not allow them, and others may be liberal in what they allow.
Alternative: we could revote on the Round 1 Proposal.

Supplemental Draft Administration:
Proposal: Allow Scoresheet to administer the supplemental draft rather than doing so by e-mail.
Required 2/3 approval.  Results: YES: 16, NO: 7, no vote 1.  Proposal Passes.
Impact: Scoresheet will conduct our Supplemental draft next year.

Primary Draft Order Determination:
Proposal: Change the determination of Primary Draft order from random to reverse order of
finish.  Required 2/3 approval.  YES: 8, NO: 10, Abstain: 1, No vote 5.  Proposal Fails.
Impact: None.

Proposal: Option 1 specified 6 divisions of 4 teams, balanced schedule, 6 division winners and
2 wildcards make the playoffs.  Option 2 specified 4 divisions of 6 teams, balanced schedule, 4
division winners and 2 wildcards make the playoffs.
Results: Option 1: 12, Option 2: 8, No vote 4.  Option 1 will be used.
Impact: No impact on the divisions sent out earlier this fall.  Clarification that a balanced
schedule will be used and the 8 teams will go to the playoffs.
Additional issues: I'll need to follow-up with a playoff schedule.

Roster Limits
1) The commissioner has veto power over trades.
2) No owner may have more than 37 or less than 33 draft choices for the main draft.  In other words, at the end of the main draft, every team will have between 33 and 37 players.  Once the main draft is over, there are no roster restrictions.  No trade will be allowed that leaves a team with more than 37 or less than 33 draft picks in the next draft.  Note that under this rule, there will be no "additional" picks after the draft is over (as occurred this year): you can only draft players with draft picks you possess.  If you have 33 draft picks, you will leave the draft with 33 players.
3) An owner can not trade draft picks beyond the next year's draft
4) If an owner trades a draft pick for a lower value pick, he must pay the next year's fees at the time of the trade.

I will issue a complete record of all the votes on this issue, but a summary of this vote is below:
Yes:    16
No:     6
Did not Vote:  2