Need A Life 2000 expansion plan (10/31/99)


There will be 5 expansion teams, two new teams, and three teams to replace the departing Mike Hurd (team 5), Ed White (team 9), & Dennis Hull (team 4)


Each expansion team will get to participate in the remaining 1999 supplemental draft, starting in June. Each of the expansion teams will draft at the end of each round. The order will be: 1. Bryce 2. Norm 3. Jeff 4. Steve 5. Dale The order flipflops each round.


Each existing team loses 2 players. Each team initially protects 6 players Any existing team participating in the expansion draft protects no one. The expansion team chooses players in a round-robin format. As an expansion team loses its first player, it can pull back and protect 2 more. When a team loses its 2nd player, all of its remaining players are protected. There's no differences between rookies, sophomore, & regular players in the expansion draft. Each existing, non-expansion teams will end up losing two players. There are no limits on the losses to the exiting teams (teams 4, 5 & 9) The order of the teams will be decided randomly before the expansion draft and will flip-flop each round. The initial protection lists are dues 11/01/99 and the expansion draft begins 11/03/99.


The expansion teams will still be subject to the normal protection rules in January, 8 regular slots, 2 sophomores, & 5 rookies. They may trade any of their picks.


The waiver draft will follow the expansion draft. The expansion teams would draft 5th, 6th ,7th , 8th. & 9th in the waiver draft. The order of the expansion teams will be the opposite of the order of the teams in the expansion draft.


Each expansion team will get 2 "bonus" picks between the first & second rounds. (Picks 13/22). The expansion teams will draft 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, & 9th in the spring draft, regardless of the lottery. The order of the expansion teams will be the opposite of the order of the teams in the expansion draft. The order will flip-flop each round. Each round of bonus picks will be considered a bonus round.


Need A Life will realign to 3 divisions with a wild card in 2000. The new divisions are: (California) Brian Jones, Norm O'Brien, Theron Skyles, Reede Stockton (Midwest) Bryce Babcock, Dale Mason, Jeff McCluskey, Mike Smith (Eastest) Steve Anderson, Bob Centor, Mike Gervase, Chris Lutz


The exiting teams (Ed & Mike Hurd) may trade their picks. If either trades a pick, a supplemental pick will be created for the receiving team, between the 6th and 7th teams. If both exiting teams trade their picks, Mike's pick will be before Ed's in odd rounds and Ed's before Mike's in even rounds.


Any trades with expansion owners must be reported immediately and the traded players removed from the existing team's reoster for the remainder of the season.