NAIL Supplemental 2019 Results

April Supplemental

Team 3 (Jim Stipcich) drafted 4118 Tor P Trent Thornton Lou Sigillo: Iā??m taking Gio Gonzalez (Danny Farquhar) Team 9 (Lou Sigillo) drafted 4089 NYA SR Danny Farquhar Team 6 (Scott Tecza) drafted 4049 Tor P Clay Buchholz Apr 11: Team 9 (Lou Sigillo) dropped 4089 Danny Farquhar and acquired 1676 Gio Gonzalez. Team 4 (Robert Millhollen) drafted 365 Oak C Josh Phegley Team 2 (Brad Biggs) drafted 470 Cle 3B Nolan Jones Team 11 (Brian Jones) drafted 597 Bal OF Dwight Smith Team 8 (Andy Miller) drafted 716 Cin SS Jose Iglesias Team 1 (Kraig Smith / Michael Cohen) drafted 356 Bos C Blake Swihart Team 12 (Peter Byrne) drafted 687 Oak P Jharel(hurt) Cotton Team 10 (Sal Tesoro) drafted 370 TB C Michael Perez Apr 11: Team 7 (Roger Odisio) reported trading round 40 pick to team 3 (Jim Stipcich) for round 37 pick. Team 7 (Roger Odisio) drafted 144 Oak P Aaron Brooks Apr 11: Team 3 (Jim Stipcich) reported trading round 37 pick to team 7 (Roger Odisio) for round 40 pick. Team 5 (Ronald Jirovec) drafted 398 Bos 1B Mitch Moreland Round 37: Team 7 (Roger Odisio) drafted 89 Sea P Roenis Elias (with team 3's pick) Team 9 (Lou Sigillo) drafted 799 Det 2B Josh Harrison Team 6 (Scott Tecza) drafted 572 ChA OF Leury Garcia Team 4 (Robert Millhollen) drafted 48 Tor P Sam Gaviglio Team 2 (Brad Biggs) drafted 640 Sea OF Julio Rodriguez Team 11 (Brian Jones) drafted 4121 Sea SR Brandon Brennan Team 1 (Kraig Smith / Michael Cohen) drafted 410 Tor 1B Rowdy Tellez Team 8 (Andy Miller) drafted 268 LAA SR Hansel Robles Team 12 (Peter Byrne) drafted 186 KC P Brady(round/1/2018/MLB/draft) Singer Team 10 (Sal Tesoro) drafted 4119 Tor SR Javy Guerra(Tor) Team 7 (Roger Odisio) drafted 300 Sea SR Anthony Swarzak Team 4 (Robert Millhollen) drafted 133 Bal P Evan Phillips (with team 5's pick)

May Supplemental

Team 7 (Roger Odisio) drafted 456 KC 3B Hunter Dozier (with team 3's pick) Team 10 (Sal Tesoro) drafted 402 SF 1B Tyler Austin Team 7 (Roger Odisio) drafted 142 Bal P John Means Team 4 (Robert Millhollen) drafted 4133 Tor SS Eric Sogard Team 12 (Peter Byrne) drafted 584 LAA OF Brian Goodwin Team 6 (Scott Tecza) drafted 88 Cle P Jefry Rodriguez Team 2 (Brad Biggs) drafted 784 Cle SS Tyler Freeman Team 1 (Kraig Smith / Michael Cohen) drafted 257 TB SR Emilio Pagan Team 5 (Ronald Jirovec) drafted 433 LAA 2B Tommy LaStella Team 8 (Andy Miller) drafted 4132 Tex OF Danny Santana Team 11 (Brian Jones) drafted 205 Sea P Erik Swanson Team 9 (Lou Sigillo) drafted 727 NYA P Deivi Garcia Round 39: Team 3 (Jim Stipcich) drafted 445 Tor 2B Cavan Biggio Team 10 (Sal Tesoro) drafted 4123 Tex P Adrian Sampson Team 7 (Roger Odisio) drafted 128 Bos P Marcus Walden Team 6 (Scott Tecza) drafted 4120 Min SR Ryne Harper Team 12 (Peter Byrne) drafted 74 Tor P Joe Biagini Team 4 (Robert Millhollen) drafted 33 Sea P Felix Hernandez Team 2 (Brad Biggs) drafted 161 Bal P Grayson Rodriguez Team 1 (Kraig Smith / Michael Cohen) drafted 711 Oak P Homer Bailey Team 8 (Andy Miller) drafted 493 Det SS Ronny Rodriguez Team 5 (Ronald Jirovec) drafted 625 Cle OF Oscar Mercado Team 9 (Lou Sigillo) drafted 4004 Tex 2B Logan Forsythe Team 11 (Brian Jones) drafted 576 Hou OF Jake Marisnick

June Supplemental

Team 3 (Jim Stipcich) drafted 4208 Bal C Adley(round/1/2019) Rutschman Team 10 (Sal Tesoro) drafted 4164 Cle P Zach Plesac Team 3 (Jim Stipcich) drafted 4210 ChA 1B Andrew(round/1/2019) Vaughn (with team 7's pick) Team 4 (Robert Millhollen) drafted 4209 KC SS Bobby(round/1/2019) Witt Team 6 (Scott Tecza) drafted 4213 Tor P Alek(round/1/2019) Manoah Team 12 (Peter Byrne) drafted 4211 Det OF Riley(round/1/2019) Greene Team 9 (Lou Sigillo) drafted 295 ChA SR Aaron Bummer Team 8 (Andy Miller) drafted 4212 Tex 3B Josh(round/1/2019) Jung Team 2 (Brad Biggs) drafted 232 TB P Shane Baz Team 4 (Robert Millhollen) drafted 227 Hou P Corbin Martin (with team 5's pick) Team 1 (Kraig Smith / Michael Cohen) drafted 594 Cle OF Jordan Luplow Team 11 (Brian Jones) drafted 85 Tex P Ariel Jurado Round 41: Team 3 (Jim Stipcich) drafted 4214 Min SS Keoni(round/1/2019) Cavaco Team 10 (Sal Tesoro) drafted 100 KC P Glenn Sparkman Team 7 (Roger Odisio) drafted 115 Min P Tyler Duffey Team 4 (Robert Millhollen) drafted 628 KC OF Khalil Lee Team 12 (Peter Byrne) drafted 570 Hou OF Tony Kemp Team 6 (Scott Tecza) drafted 4154 ChA SR Evan Marshall Team 9 (Lou Sigillo) drafted 646 Hou OF Seth Beer Team 8 (Andy Miller) drafted 357 Cle C Roberto Perez(Cle) Team 2 (Brad Biggs) drafted 4155 Phi SR Mike Morin Team 1 (Kraig Smith / Michael Cohen) drafted 744 Bos P Mike Shawaryn Team 5 (Ronald Jirovec) drafted 282 Tex SR Chris Martin Team 11 (Brian Jones) drafted 4126 NYA 3B Gio Urshela

July Supplemental

Round 42: Team 3 (Jim Stipcich) drafted 4272 NYA OF Jasson Dominguez Team 10 (Sal Tesoro) drafted 444 Min 2B Luis Arraez Team 7 (Roger Odisio) drafted 4108 KC 3B Cheslor Cuthbert Team 4 (Robert Millhollen) drafted 642 Tex OF Leody Taveras Team 12 (Peter Byrne) drafted 414 Cle 1B Bobby Bradley Team 9 (Lou Sigillo) drafted 4153 Det 2B Harold Castro Team 6 (Scott Tecza) drafted 206 Sea P Logan Gilbert Team 8 (Andy Miller) drafted 800 Cle P Tyler Clippard Team 5 (Ronald Jirovec) drafted 4193 Sea P Tommy Milone Team 2 (Brad Biggs) drafted 4275 Oak SS Robert Puason Team 1 (Kraig Smith / Michael Cohen) drafted 4172 Hou 3B Abraham Toro Team 11 (Brian Jones) drafted 660 TB SR Colin Poche Round 43: Team 7 (Roger Odisio) drafted 738 Tor C Alejandro Kirk (with team 3's pick) Team 10 (Sal Tesoro) drafted 4173 Min P Devin Smeltzer Team 1 (Kraig Smith / Michael Cohen) drafted 4148 Tex C Sam Huff (with team 7's pick) Team 4 (Robert Millhollen) drafted 782 TB SS Lucius Fox Team 9 (Lou Sigillo) drafted 4256 TB P Andrew Kittredge Team 12 (Peter Byrne) drafted 101 Mia P Austin Brice Team 6 (Scott Tecza) drafted 502 Bal SS Hanser Alberto Team 8 (Andy Miller) drafted 783 Tor P Daniel Hudson Team 5 (Ronald Jirovec) drafted 292 TB SR Adam Kolarek Team 2 (Brad Biggs) drafted 269 LAA SR Justin Anderson Team 1 (Kraig Smith / Michael Cohen) drafted 4174 TB 3B Mike Brosseau Team 11 (Brian Jones) drafted 318 Cle SR Nick Goody

August Supplemental

Round 44: Team 3 (Jim Stipcich) drafted 4301 Cle 2B Aaron Bracho Team 7 (Roger Odisio) drafted 4039 Cle P Aaron Civale Team 10 (Sal Tesoro) drafted 374 Tor C Reese McGuire Team 4 (Robert Millhollen) drafted 4135 Det P Tarik Skubal Team 12 (Peter Byrne) drafted 91 Tor P A.J. Cole Team 6 (Scott Tecza) drafted 592 Bal OF Anthony Santander Team 9 (Lou Sigillo) drafted 4242 Ari 2B Josh Rojas Team 2 (Brad Biggs) drafted 252 Was SR Fernando Rodney Team 8 (Andy Miller) drafted 4288 Oak 2B Ryan Goins Team 5 (Ronald Jirovec) drafted 662 Det C Jake Rogers Team 7 (Roger Odisio) drafted 677 Tex 2B Nick Solak (with team 1's pick) Team 11 (Brian Jones) drafted 4254 Sea C Austin Nola Round 45: Team 7 (Roger Odisio) drafted 514 Det SS Isaac Paredes (with team 3's pick) Team 7 (Roger Odisio) drafted 4140 KC P Kris Bubic Team 10 (Sal Tesoro) drafted 122 Min P Zack Littell Team 12 (Peter Byrne) drafted 441 Bos 2B Marco Hernandez Team 4 (Robert Millhollen) drafted 225 Ari P J.B. Bukauskas Team 6 (Scott Tecza) drafted 4111 Min P Jordan Balazovic Team 9 (Lou Sigillo) drafted 654 NYA P Jordan Montgomery Team 2 (Brad Biggs) drafted 4293 Tex SR Rafael Montero Team 8 (Andy Miller) drafted 4205 Cin SR Justin Shafer Team 5 (Ronald Jirovec) drafted 657 Hou SR Joe Smith Team 7 (Roger Odisio) drafted 786 Hou P Cristian Javier (with team 1's pick) Team 11 (Brian Jones) drafted 4143 LAD P Casey Sadler